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24200 Vermont Avenue, Harbor City, CA 90710

Experienced Japanese & European Cars Specialists

When you need service for Japanese and European cars, look no further than the SWEDISH CAR CLINIC Inc. in Harbor City, California. Owned and operated by Peter Kjellberg, a Sweden native, many of our technicians speak and are trained in the Swedish style. We service you with all of the ethics and attitudes of our native country, so visit our new building and enjoy a cup of coffee while we work on your car.

Traditional Values

Here at the SWEDISH CAR CLINIC, Inc., we treat both new and old customers with respect, honesty, and warmth. Many of our clients are returning customers that enjoyed our policy of individual service and personalized care. Our 16,000-foot shop is home to 14 hoists, and features a customer lounge with free Wi-Fi, coffee, and a flat screen television for your convenience.

Eccentric Owner

Whether he is working under a car or riding around the shop on his scooter, our owner Peter Kjellberg is constantly in motion. His drive, energy, and honesty have rewarded him with more than 30 years of successful business. Sometimes modest and shy, and other times energetic and restless, Peter's love of cars extends to his teammates, along with his dedication to your satisfaction.

Contact us today to receive the best maintenance for your Japanese or European cars, and enjoy service tailored to your needs.