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Dependable Auto Maintenance

If your car needs work, the auto maintenance team at the SWEDISH CAR CLINIC Inc. has your back. Based in Harbor City, California, we specialize in service for Japanese and European cars. Our owner and technicians are experienced, Swedish-trained veterans ready to fix your vehicle as quickly as possible. Choose from service for vehicles made by the following manufacturers:

• Volvo 
• Saab 
• Mercedes 
• Volkswagen
• Audi
• Toyota
• Lexus
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Comprehensive Maintenance

The SWEDISH CAR CLINIC Inc. is proud to offer complete in-house maintenance, including tune-ups, oil changes, and check engine light diagnostics. Basic services are also available for some American cars. Our OE scan tools are designed specifically to diagnose foreign models. Pricing is based on quotes for the cost of parts and the nature of the repairs. We offer all of the following service for your car:

• Wheel Alignments
• Brake Work
• Electrical Work
• Computer Based 4-Wheel Alignment 
• Tire Work
• Suspension Work
• Electronic Troubleshooting
• Transmission Work
• Drivability Diagnostics

Contact us today to enlist the help of our auto maintenance crew, and let us get your car up and running again.